Native Arabic speakers in the region are continuously seeking help in various sectors such as health, technology, relationships etc. They want to find a solution to accomplish things themselves due to the expenses involved in getting professional external assistance. For English speakers, the Internet is the optimum solution since there are English websites specializing in providing this information. The Internet, however, lacks professional Arabic resources for this type of content, teaching readers how to accomplish day-to-day tasks. Searching the Internet for a certain topic in Arabic (such as losing weight) leads to results which have one or more of the following characteristics:

  • Online chatting forum excerpts
  • Unreferenced information
  • Unability to make article-related inquires
  • Poor or no archiving of topics
  • Lack of refined search
  • Unappealing interfaces
  • Unreadable text

ekayf ( is a free Arabic website, to be an essential resource for Arabs to learn how to do simple day-to-day tasks, providing individuals with self-help guides in various fields. The website lists articles, teaching the reader how to practically accomplish common tasks independently. Each article starts with the question "kayf" (hence the domain name) which translates to"How to", following a certain topic for the user to learn. The content of each article is written in a special tone to adhere with today's typical Arab. Each article passes through a number of editorial layers to ensure the consistency and unique style of ekayf.

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